Live Life in the USA

It has been a long month! I am now back behind my desk at the CFC FFL Home Office, and I am still in awe at what actually happened over the past few weeks.

Last month, I went on mission to the USA. We started with 2 LIFT (LCSC Institute for Formation and Training) Training sessions. One in Houston with participants from all across the USA – which was held over the course of 3 whole, jam-packed days. And then in Dallas over three evenings – just focusing on the 4 pillars of LCSC: Live Pure, Live Life, Liturgical Bible Study and No One in Need, and the Servant Leaders Formation program (SeLF).

I presented Live Life and Family and Life Update on both occasions and for the rest of the trip and different appointments and assemblies.

From there, we went on the Cruise Conference of CFC FFL USA. Aside from a presentation of LL there as well, I gave the first session of the Mercy Abounds conference. It was a different experience, actually having a conference on a cruise through Mexico! A captive audience. 🙂

Our schedule went full-blast after that. Flying to New Jersey, taking the train to Maryland. Train back to NJ to catch a flight to Chicago. Flying to San Francisco. Flying to Houston to drive to Rio Grande Valley. Driving back to Houston to fly to Manila. With assemblies, meetings, presentations all along the way.

All the people who helped us, hosted us, listened to us, fed us. You all inspire us to work even harder. The CFC FFL community who embraced this work, and saw how needed it is for the world – you push us even more to do better and improve what we have.

Now, back in Manila, gearing up to do even more.

Thank you. We continue to pray for our community, our work and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


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