I’m Back.

Today I go through the horrendous Metro Manila traffic, back to Starmall, for my first day.

Yes, I’m back.

I was going through my past blogs, and this jumped out:

I told Des to give me these three years to “scratch this itch” called politics. And then let’s see what happens next. I know I am capable of helping the country. And I am being mentored by one of the best. We can make good laws that will help the Philippines. It’s going to be an awesome ride.

The past three years were great years to experience politics, NGO work, volunteerism, disaster risk reduction and management, and so many other things. I was in the House of Representatives as part of Congressman Lito Atienza’s legislative team for one year, and then part of Dingdong Dantes’ YesPinoy Foundation as Executive Director for 2 years.

I have learned so much from these two men – who value integrity so much. That everything is done with love for the country, and respect for Filipinos. Still being part of the Boards of both Buhay Party List and YesPinoy is an honor for me.



But now, I am called back. I was a full-time missionary for 16 years prior to the last 3 years.

16 years. I love being a missionary. And I will forever consider myself to be a missionary, even with these changes, changes, changes. Pray for me.

And now, it starts again.

Continue to pray for me. Pray for my ever supportive and loving wife. Pray for my family.

Let’s get to work.



  1. We are happy for you Xavy. It was so nice for you to experience the real world particularly in politics & your involvement with work with the poor in Yes Pinoy. Now that you are back again as full time worker we pray that our Lord bless you with much wisdom. God bless you & your family!

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