Thank you, YesPinoy.

The very first event I went to as part of YesPinoy was the Etude Princess Run in May of 2014. We put up a booth, and I donned a very tight pinkish jersey to receive their generous donation. It was the start of an awesome two-year journey.
Don’t breathe. Too tight.
Since then, we have been around the country – from Isabela to Sarangani – to engage young people and show them good examples of people giving back to the Philippines. So that they too can give. And it has been wonderful meeting people from all over. Making new friends along the way. Experiencing real change from the people who choose to do better because of what they have learned.
I have learned so much from these past two years. From all the people we have met, the partners we have engaged, the people we have served – and of course from the people behind the scenes who make this all happen.
Our hardworking YP office:
Team YP! Me, Sucelle, Vanie, Liza, Trina, Arvin, Pebbles and Yani
The continuous support of all the DY fans – now also our friends:
Leaders of different DY groups
And the YP Board, of which I am now joining as well – an honor and privilege:
The YP Board and Staff
(Seated are the Executive Directors through the years: Joe, Pebbles (current), me & Elmer)
Thank you Dong, for trusting me with your baby (not Zia, YesPinoy).
Here’s to more collaborative efforts and opportunities to make this country a better place. The past two years (again) were amazing! Now back to familiar, yet even more challenging, waters.

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