1st Birthday Parties

Reposting from Facebook Notes:  about 1st birthday parties! We have had 5 of them (and it most probably will be the last, considering that Des has had 5 cesarian operations already).
When thinking of planning a birthday party, our major discussion would always be: do it on our own, or go to a restaurant and have them do all the work?
For Sabine’s 1st birthday, we did it all on our own. She had it here in Alpadi, and everything from decor to hosts to food was done by us (with extended family and friends helping, of course). Pictures here.
For Aida and Franko’s 1st birthdays, we had them in Fun Ranch. Easier because the hosts, games, food – all came from there.We just spruced it up with giveaways and more decor. Pictures of Aida’s here, and Franko’s here.
For Maria, we had it in Burger King. We had decor come in from Isabela (Mix Cuisines!), but the food and program came from there – we weren’t too happy with their program though. The clowns looked scary and weren’t funny. Pictures here.
And for Jax, we had it in McDonald’s. Everything came from them. We just brought in a cake.
You can see the trend, huh? From do it all on our own, and little by little giving in to the ease and less-stress way of doing it. Yes, having it in a restaurant (especially one that throws parties on a regular basis) is so easy. Everything is ready for you to just check off the boxes. But you do not have leg room to really do what you want – there’s a time limit, a room limit, etc etc.
If you want to do more stuff, and on your own terms – then building your party from the ground up is the way to go. A lot more “labor of love” (read: OC), but also you have the freedom to do whatever you like. Just plan earlier.
Whichever you choose, just have an awesome time. 1st birthday parties can be stressful, but the reason you are doing it is to celebrate the first year of your awesome baby. Just relax and enjoy! Then start thinking of the 7th birthday party next (we’ve had two of those already)!

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