Stay Informed and Get Involved

It is already June, and in a few weeks our new President and VP will be taking office. He just had a press conference again last night (he starts his day at 1pm and meets all the way until morning), and again, he gets more controversial as he speaks.

He says if it is preposterous, then don’t believe him, he is just joking around. Though as President, maybe he should realize whatever he says makes an impact. Even maybe just whistling at a lady reporter should be refrained from doing.

We made a news bit about his stand on the death penalty. And as any topic so controversial, it got some comments:

There is a difference between “I hope this happens to you” and “What if it happens to you.” One is a threat, and the other is discussion.



We all have opinions, and we can all express them. But let’s all be respectful of one another as well. Though yes, it does come with the territory. You won’t see the first comment anymore, it was reported to YouTube.

Watch the other videos on the channel as well 🙂

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