Basis for My 2016 Vote

It is that season again. When people go crazy on social media for certain candidates. Unfriending, insulting, making memes and fake accounts. It’s election season!

And things are extra spicy because of social media, YouTube, instant access to candidates. The usual he said – she said, promoting an image, floating ideas to see if they stick. The usual stuff.

I have been careful with this election season. Not being too antagonistic (just unfollowing people – I will follow them again after the elections… maybe).  Until recently when a candidate (ok fine, Duterte) made fun of rape and refused to apologize for it. That was too much.

Now I am getting comments asking who I am going to vote for this election. Instead of giving you a list (though you can see my Senator list on this blog), I will give you my basis for my vote.

I am a Filipino. I am Catholic. I have been married for 9 years, and have 5 children. I was a missionary for than 15 years for Couples for Christ (CFC FFL) and a member for more years than that (until now). And this is the basis for my vote: FFL.

Faith. Will they respect my faith? My being Catholic? Will they respect our priests, Bishops and even the Pope? Will they take into consideration the guidance and teachings that we ourselves live our lives by?

Family. Do they defend our fathers and mothers? Our daughters and sons? Will they promote Filipino values and the sacredness of marriage?

Life. Do they keep life sacred from conception to natural death? Will they respect life – no matter how old, young, rich, poor – whether good or bad?

These are things we fight for every. Single. Day. And it should not stop just because we are voting for someone on one day of the year. A choice that will affect us for the next 6 years.

We should not forget who we are for the sake of an image being presented to us. Or a soundbyte on the evening news (or online). Or press statements made by very expensive political planners. We should look at who we are, and vote for someone who will respect that, and make us better.

God bless our country.

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