The Vote 2016. My Senators

It is turning out to be an interesting campaign season. The Presidentiables and Vice Presidentiables are really hitting the ground running, stomping and whatever-ing. I think we will be in for surprises come elections.

What is curious though is the lack of Senatorial Slate commercials on TV and radio. We used to have a lot of those like VOT FOR D CHAMMP (do you still remember who they are?) or even last elections with the LP / NP lineup. Now, nothing.

Maybe because all the slates weren’t even complete when the filing of candidacies occurred. Or the composition of the slates change because these Senatoriables are jumping from one to the other. Or maybe because all the funds are going to the standard bearers.

In any case, here is my tentative slate:

1. Aldin Ali

2. Levi Baligod

3. Greco Belgica

4. Dick Gordon

5. Dante Liban

6. Susan Ople

7. Manny Pacquiao

8. Roman Romulo

9. Tito Sotto

10. Migz Zubiri

11. (still deciding)

12. (still deciding)

Who is in your slate? No haters please, we all have a vote, and you can vote for whomever you want to. But if you want to try to convince me, feel free!

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