Jump Yard!

For our son’s 5th birthday, we went to the newest place to be in Manila – Jump Yard! We brought the kids and their cousins for an hour of jumping on trampolines.

It is in the Fun Ranch complex across Tiendesitas. We got there on a Monday at 12:30pm and there were quite a few people already, but there was ample space for everyone.

I LOVED IT! There are a lot of variations of trampolines to choose from, and activities inside, that gives you a lot of stuff to do for a whole hour. Even an Olympic type trampoline where you can jump and tumble into a foam pit. I tried. I couldn’t.

You may think one hour isn’t too long, but believe me, after even just 30 minutes, you start feeling it in your knees and ankles. And you sweat like crazy. Or maybe I am just old and unhealthy. WHAT. A. WORKOUT.

Well worth it.

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