Coffee Places to Check Out in Antipolo

There are a bunch of new coffee places to check out in Antipolo. Which is great for us, especially when you want to hang out somewhere else aside from your house or malls.

  1. Costa Coffee – this just opened recently. Though it is technically at the mall, it is outside, so you don’t have to be bothered by all the mall goers. It is at Robinson’s Antipolo, and across from Starbucks. I love the Flat White, and the ambience is pretty nice too. Have a picture in the London phone booth. Facebook.
  2. Eggs for Breakfast – we checked this out to try their Eggs Benedict. And, by far, one of the best I’ve tasted. The coffee isn’t too bad either. It is in one of the villages along Sumulong Highway near Masinag junction. Just be ready to have a hard time getting out of the village into Sumulong as cars rarely give way. Instagram.
  3. Jar Tree Cafe – this is inside La Montana Subdivision along Sumulong Highway. It is beside a relatively new Korean restaurant, and is owned by Koreans. The cold coffee mixes are good, but the dessert bread is even better! Nice and quiet because not many people have discovered it yet. Facebook.
  4. Monte Cafe – the coffee and desserts here are simply YUM. They don’t open too early, though, so it is tough to go since it is kind of far. From Circumferential Road you take the left going to all the new developments of Vista Land and Filinvest. And it is along there. Facebook.
  5. Sega Cofi – This is a small coffee shop along Sumulong Highway, beside a car shop and a Jollibee. The coffee is pretty good, though the food is better. Facebook unofficial.
  6. Roots and Herbs – This is a surprise. A small coffee place outside Filinvest. Even farther down from Monte Cafe. Near Rosehill school though. Not always full, and with fast internet. Perfect for waiting. And their coffee has a twist, it is healthy! Facebook.
  7. Cafe Esse – One of the very first coffee shops we found in Antipolo. Nice big mug of coffee, and homey place to hang out. Facebook.

Tayo na sa Antipolo!


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