Bread Street Kitchen in Hong Kong

Des and I went to Hong Kong over the weekend (with Jax) to play chaperone with 2 of our friends. Of course I had to take the opportunity to eat at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. There are currently two in Hong Kong: London House and Bread Street Kitchen. According to Des’ research, they have the same menu, so we decided to just pick one.

We also took the chance to meet up with my college ka-barkada Suzette who is based in HK. She made a reservation for us for lunch on Saturday at 2pm (all other days and times were fully booked! Thank goodness that we made a reservation in advance).

That day we planned to see the Buddha by cable car, but when we got to the area in the morning, the line for the tickets was more than an hour long! Always, always buy tickets in advance. So we decided not to wait, and instead went shopping in CityGate mall. We allocated a little over an hour to make it to BSK from that area… and good thing we did.

We got out of the MTR Hong Kong station, which was a mistake. We should have walked over to Central station. And after walking around, lost, in IFC Mall, Des started asking people how to get to BSK (of course I didn’t ask. Hello!). We made a mad dash to the restaurant, and arrived a little past 2pm, tired, sweaty and with Des about to strangle me. Good thing Suzette was there!


For appetizers we had the bread basket and chicken wings. The caramel dip for the bread was so sweet and delicious!


Here I am with Jax and Suzette. Thank goodness Des had calmed down by this time, enough to take our picture. Why don’t men ask for directions anyway? Ha ha.


It really was a dream come true for me to be in BSK. I have been watching MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, MasterChef Australia and even MasterChef Asia. Sometimes Hell’s Kitchen. And even Gordon Ramsay’s own show. I had to make it here to sample what I have been watching all this time.

Even told Des that if the food isn’t good we would stop watching MasterChef altogether.


Unfortunately NO BEEF WELLINGTON. It is only on promo and served every Wednesday of November. How can that be? They show it all the time on the show! They must have it. And I have to come back to eat it.

Des got the beetroot pasta with bleu cheese, Suzette had the Shepherd’s pie and I got the short rib burger with spicy mayo.


It was well worth the trip, the reservation and the expectation. I loved every bite! The burger was juicy, the spice was just enough and it was huge, I almost didn’t finish it.

The whole place was very nice as well, and it just felt wonderful to be there. We will continue to watch MasterChef!


Hoping to come back to try the Beef Wellington. And now we know where it is, it won’t be so stressful.


And, by surprise, we saw MasterChef Asia judge Susur Lee on the street! Here’s Des’ picture with him – she chased him to be able to have a picture with him.


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