On Social Media, ALDUB and Lumads

61306c38e06ef893e487c98673e0bf2fcf15abec7b20be78b31f9302b954996a Me with Rain Basa and John Catalan

Welcome back, ALDUB Nation! On The New Bandidos today we had John Catalan, otherwise known as Pambansang BaeYaw – the brother in law of Yaya Dub / Maine Mendoza. We were also joined by Rain Basa, the ALDUB Statistician who guested a few days before on the show.

Here is Rain speaking about numbers, tweets and involvement of the ALDUB Nation not only for the show, but also for the issues advocated by the show (libraries, Red Cross, Lumads, to name a few):


Rain with me, Teny Mardo, Missy Castro, Pia Morato and students from PUP

John spoke about the ALDUB phenomenon, how it changed their lives overnight – and how he is using his influence for his own advocacies. He is currently helping the cause of the Lumads by disseminating information about them and explaining why 700 of them marched to Manila, through #StopLumadKillings and blogging about it (here by Huggable Me and here on his own blog).

His being active and speaking up about it has even made his fans and followers group together (ALDUB SakoLolos), and now they help promote the advocacy and even organize events and donate to the Lumads in Manila. They have one event tomorrow (November 12: Oh My Gulay) at 7pm where they will eat with the Lumads, and then have a cultural night with them after.


John has proven that the ALDUB phenomenon is not only about social media. Not only about 41 million tweets or numerous endorsements or big events. But it is also about social involvement. And using your own influence to help others. The Lumads have been in Manila for a few weeks now, yet their call for justice has not yet been heard by the government.

They are still being ousted from their land, and members of their community are still being murdered. John is one of the leaders of the effort to make their voices heard, and the ALDUB Nation is taking part in this advocacy as well. We hope to see more people stand up and take notice of this – and hopefully it will lead to more action.

For the last few minutes of the show, we were happy to have Senator Dick Gordon come in and also talk about social issues.


But that would be a blog for another time. I must say though that he is as passionate and “aksyon agad” as ever! He would make a great President, especially with his track record in Subic, Olongapo and the Red Cross. The Senate would be blessed to have him back in their ranks.

Here is a Vine of John getting a selfie with Sen. Gordon, The New Bandidos and the full house of PUP students:


More to come! We hope to have both of them back (John and Sen. Gordon) on different days because 2 hours is so short a time to discuss all their advocacies.


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