Things We Are Learning From ALDUB


Well, aside from the Pabebe Wave.

Today on The New Bandidos, we had Rain Basa as our guest. He stayed the whole two hours from 7 – 9am, and I think we could have gone for even longer, talking about the ALDUB phenomenon. Rain is known in the ALDUB Nation as ALDUB Statistics, or the one who posts about the numbers, and other pertinent data regarding ALDUB, hashtags and the like.

Sure, not everyone is into ALDUB, but we cannot deny that it is a social media phenomenon. Hitting the Twitter record for most tweets in 24 hours (41 million for #ALDUBEBTamangPanahon); having a concert with no commercials and with all the proceeds going to building libraries for public schools; and spawning social media (and mainstream) superstars overnight. It is a phenomenon, and we have to take a look at what makes it click.

We got into a lively discussion, and here are the things we learn from ALDUB, as Rain discussed with us:

  1. Alden Richards is part of mainstream media, as he has been in showbiz for some time now (even had a starrer with Marian Rivera: “Carmela”). And Maine Mendoza is a break out star from social media as seen by her Dubsmash hits of Kris Aquino. The Kalyeserye successfully merged these two worlds (mainstream and social media), and broke barriers. It can be done!
  2. JoWaPao (Jose, Wally and Paolo / Lola Tinidora, Lola Nidora and Lola Tidora) provide the laughs – and they are extremely good at it, while ALDUB provides the kilig factor. Laughing and loving, always a perfect combination!
  3. The ALDUB Nation started as a fanbase, became a phenomenon and now is a community. People step up, take roles, and correct each other. And it is more than a million strong community, as seen by the 41 million organic tweets from different people. Data doesn’t lie – “What I do to bashers is slap them with data.” Even Twitter has seen an increase in new users coming from the region. If you ask me, Twitter should start up a Philippine office.
  4. The ALDUB Nation extends to the real world outside the Kalyeserye. The Kalyeserye started with promoting good values via Lola Nidora’s advice to Yaya Dub. A return to Filipino values focused on the family, modesty and charity. Of course, the best teacher is example. So the Kalyeserye has moved from a show, to a cause. Now they will be building ALDUB libraries in different public schools around the country! You cannot just teach through your words, it must be done through your example. And they have started doing that as well.*
  5. We CAN make a difference if we unite and work together towards a common goal. Different people from different backgrounds experiencing different things will always lead to conflict and awkwardness. But, if we have one goal, then we can always look beyond our differences and work together. And if this can be done via what we see everyday through ALDUB, then who is to say it cannot be replicated in a wider scale and inspire the Philippines to do the same. Regardless of whether you are an ALDUB fan, a Pastillas fan or a Ben 10 fan – if we work together to make this country a better place, then by all means, let’s do it.

Thank you, Rain, for your time with us. We hope to guest you and other members of the ALDUB Nation to talk about this awesome, life-changing and phenomenal event that takes place almost everyday on social media, mainstream media – in the Philippines and around the world. Kalyeserye na!

*Today marked also the hacking of Maine’s Twitter account. With the hackers saying that ALDUB Nation must also pay attention to issues plaguing the Philippines. It is true that there are many issues plaguing the Philippines – laglag / tanim bala; MRT trains falling out of their tracks, leaking LRT trains, EDSA traffic, C5 traffic, traffic pa more – and these are being addressed by the Filipino people. We see people talking about it everywhere. Not only ALDUB Nation, but the Filipino people. But what difference can be made if the people in power do not listen? Maybe they should have hacked DOTCs account instead. On the side of the ALDUB Nation, they are making moves to improve education through those libraries. And education is always the best tool to empower the next generation.

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