ALDub-ing it at 40.

Yes, I am an ALDub fan. In fact, my whole family is. From me to my wife, and even my kids. We sometimes watch the Kalyeserye together (on Saturdays if we are home), and the reactions are always priceless. From Des’ screaming in kilig, to Sabine’s rolling around on the floor, it is always good fun to watch.

It is amazing how it has become such a phenomenon. An overnight sensation for Maine Mendoza. Superstardom for Alden Richards after all his hard work. Phenomenal ratings and Twitter hashtag mentions beating records and smashing competition. All the laughter, kilig and tears from all over the world. Even making international stars and corporations take notice. Blockbuster sales of music, and people all wondering: “what is this aldub and what makes it so successful?”

For me, it is just 3 things. Fun, Family and Faith.

  1. Fun. The whole show is SO. MUCH. FUN. From the new TVJ of Paolo, Jose and Wally. How they ad-lib and entertain. How they interact with one another. The way Alden and Maine flirt with each other, and try to catch each others’ attention – not talking directly to each other, but with signs and dubbing. All in the context of a make believe story of a stolen diary, fake pastors and dancing Rogelios, Quandos and Bernardos. It is such a fun show, and kudos to those who think it up on a daily basis.
  2. Family. It has been said over and over again how Lola Nidora’s life lessons are bringing back good, Filipino values to the youth. Family has always been at the forefront of Filipino culture, and the Kalyeserye is bringing the “good vibes” associated with good values back to the hearts and minds of the people. It has always been there, though somewhat overshadowed by TV shows and movies aimed at mistresses, infidelity, screaming and shouting. I suppose the Philippines has had enough (for now) of those, and looked for something new: and ALDub provided it.
  3. Faith. My favorite aspect is how faith is shown through the show. Faith in the kindness of the human person. faith in the purity of love. Faith in good intentions winning over evil intent. Faith in God. Faith in the Filipino and how we can all help one another. They brought all that to the fore in using their Saturday Philippine Arena event to help build libraries all over the country. A show that aims to help people. Not just for popularity and ratings, but to actually do some good for the country.

I am a fan of ALDub, and the Kalyeserye. I don’t get to watch the live broadcast (I am part of Team Replay), but I do see how it has changed the lives of people. Not only Alden, Maine, Paolo, Wally (you are amazing!), and Jose. But the lives of people watching it, and the lives of the people who will be helped by these ALDub libraries.

Keep it up, and even when the tweets stop breaking records, and the ratings start dwindling, and the manic fandom simmers down a bit – know that you all have made an impact in society. You made the Filipinos a better, more united, more kilig people who care and have concern for one another.

Now, whatcha gonna do with dat dessert?


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  1. I am also a fan. Never had I been like this in my entire life. Even my whole family here and abroad never misses an episode. KS and ALDUB has all the ingredients of a good entertainment show that has catched our attention. They make us laugh, cry at times, and gives kilig feelings to viewers of all ages and gender. May God bless all the casts, hosts and behind the scene staff who EB. AlDub u all.. Congrats Aldubnation! History has been made..

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