Sandbox in Porac, Pampanga

We took a day trip to Sandbox in Alviera, Porac, Pampanga on Saturday. It was a rainy Friday, and so there weren’t that many people on Saturday, and the crowd was not large at all.

We stayed at Widus hotel in Clark, Pampanga – nice rooms, nice pool, but with a casino right beside the lobby. And the food is quite expensive. But it was a good place to call home base for the weekend. Also only about 20 minutes to Sandbox via SCTEx.

There are many activities for adults in Sandbox, but not that many for kids. Kids under 7 years old have slides and a maze, and can fly mini-kites. Older kids can try the giant swing, and the aerial walk.

I rode the giant swing with my 8 year old, and then again with Des. I think Des screamed more. I also did the biplane, though the dips hurt the inner thighs. I skipped the rappel, free fall and rock climb. I thought the aerial walk would be easy, but it was so strenuous! Like a Survivor challenge. My arms hurt so much after it.

There is only a small food concessionaire, but you really only need half a day for Sandbox. The other half can be done using the ATV / UTV which can be rented right outside Sandbox.


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