ATVing in Pampanga (beside Sandbox)

Right outside Sandbox there’s a small office that rents out ATVs. The route goes to the riverbed near Sandbox and up towards Pinatubo. We rented 6 of them: me, Vania, Carlo, Joshua and my parents each had one. And all, except Joshua, had one of the kids. Of course the kids can’t drive, and have to be buckled up (though mine didn’t have a seatbelt, so my son just had to hold on to the rails).

3 were the type where two passengers could sit side by side, and 2 where the passenger sat behind the driver, but with a backrest. Joshua’s was the normal looking kind with no backrest.

We went through a rocky trail leading up to the river for about twenty minutes, which was good because we could get used to driving, and the vehicles could be checked along the way. Which was good too because one had to be replaced.

The river ATVing was awesome! Criss crossing the river and going up and down rocky perches. Carlo’s got stuck in the middle of the riverbed, and my second daughter was with him! Good thing they didn’t flip over… which sort of happened to Joshua. He also got stuck, and his ATV sort of flipped to the side.

There were nice waterfalls along the way where picture taking is a must.

Just remember to dress appropriately and use sunblock. IT IS HOT! A thoroughly enjoyable morning 🙂

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