Sarangani Fun!

I had one day in Sarangani where I was invited by Governor Steve and his wife Michelle Solon to see some travel sites in the province. Of course I said yes, even if I had nothing prepared for swimming and the like. I give great compliments to Michelle for being such a great spokesperson for Sarangani. And for having such passion and love for the province! After one day, I see how much beauty and fun you can have there. I definitely recommend it to anyone.

IMG_5108 IMG_5111 IMG_5139 IMG_5141

We started out at the White Water Tubing area in Maitum. It is about an hour and a half away from Gen San. The reception area is where the tubing ends, so we had the option to take a van to the starting area, or to bike. Since everyone chose bike, I had to choose that as well. OH. MY. GOSH. I am so out of shape. Almost two kilometers, majority uphill. But hey, if I could do it, YOU CAN DO IT. Seriously. Though you should have sheer willpower and drive not to be embarrassed.

IMG_5137 IMG_5109 IMG_5140

Each tuber gets a guide who is behind you on another tube, to guide you through the rocks and falls. I LOVED IT! I like white water rafting, but this is just as fun and less stress due to teamwork. Here just sit, relax and enjoy. I flipped over once 🙂


We had local delicacies for lunch, then went over to the beach front to see some Pawikan turtles! We were even treated to release some into the sea. What a surreal experience! Knowing these turtles will reach hundreds of years old. Awesome, dude!


From there we went on a boat and landed on an island with beautiful emerald water. And Manny Pacquiao’s beach house. The day was getting late, so we only stayed there enough for some swimming, roof diving and snorkeling. Took a stroll along the bay walk, and went back to Gen San.


It was such a refreshing thing to experience all of these in Sarangani. Definitely worth the trip for anyone coming to the Philippines. Time it with the SarBay Festival which was held the weekend I was there as well.

Sarangani Fun!

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