Manila to Negros Occidental

My latest trip was to Bacolod again for YesPinoy to set up the 4th event of Project 888. Good thing the next 4 will be set up by Arvin. He gets the harder to go to areas 🙂

Giella, former missionary now guidance counselor, helped me out with accommodations, and even picked me up from the airport. I got to go around the city on the first day and visited favorite places like Calea. Gotta love cake.


The meeting with the Governor’s officers in charge was on the second day where we did get their support of the event, and we even got the venue ready. Very good output.


Met up with good friends for dinner, and the day after that jetted on home. Thank you Cebu Pacific for letting me get on an earlier flight so I didn’t have to wait until evening to get home to mi familia.

Got to even bring home some Aida’s chicken inasal! I great hit with the wife and kids. Salamat guid!

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