Manila to Isabela

I went to Cauayan, Isabela last week for YesPinoy. One of three trips over the next weeks to set up our Project 888. I took the flight from Manila to Cauayan via Cebu Pacific. The flights are M-W-F-Sa and just once a day. If you want other days and more options you can fly in Tugegaro, Cagayan Valley and just take a land trip of about 2 hours to Isabela.

Arvin came along too, my new office mate! He took the bus, which can be about 8 to 12 hours depending on traffic along the way in the mountains. It costs about 500 pesos, unless you take a sleeper bus where you can lie down. That costs a bit more.

We stayed with Nino and Cindy Zayco of CFC FFL Isabela, and good friends of ours. The food at their house is amazing. I think I gained 20 pounds just eating there.

We had good support from Isabela regarding the YesPinoy project and you can read about it here. And at the same time we had a lot of fun eating, going around and experiencing Isabela. Some pictures:

IMG_4854Pansit Cabagan! Nice when it is hot. Sauce-y and rich flavor. Triple J restaurant in Cauayan.

IMG_4865This is the Visitor / Youth center beside the Church in Ilagan. Very nice wooden carvings. Actually, Cauayan and Ilagan have a lot of really nice carvings. I’d like to get some eventually 🙂

IMG_4884The huge chair in Ilagan. People used to be able to go and sit, but they don’t allow that anymore because of vandalism. It is called a BUTACA. Old houses used to have one, of course not that big. I’d like one of these too… I wonder how to bring it back to Manila.

IMG_4890And my favorite. The burger. Super yummy. SUPPPPERRRR. Made by Cindy. I hope she opens up a burger place in Cauayan. So worth it!

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