I am Beside FLG. :-)

On Monday Des, Arvin (my new officemate at YesPinoy starting May 1st! Yahoo!) went over to GMA Network for the MOA signing ceremony for the upcoming GMA Excellence Award where YesPinoy is a partner. I got interviewed by Jam Sisante, whose parents are in CFC FFL, and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being interviewed. I got all tongue-tied and sweaty. I haven’t seen it come out on TV yet, though.


Then they brought out and put the name plates. What a fan moment. I was going to sit beside THE Felipe L. Gozon whom the whole Philippines knows as FLG. You only get called by your initials if you are a big boss. And the whole Pinas knows him as that. Fan moment. I mean, he built up GMA to be the number ONE station in the Philippines, and worth BILLIONS. Cool.


We signed, talked about the upcoming Pacman – Mayweather fight, and took photos. A great way to start the week. I am definitely excited to be part of the GMA Excellence Award team. Here’s the YesPinoy article on it.


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