Out of Shape (22/40)

53431d8e2f8b564b56c16d06da394259ab7eeafe028a1c484a7884104f159e08 I went to the boxing gym again on Wednesday and my usual trainer was absent. So they assigned a different one. We basically did the same routine, except for a more vigorous system with weights. I actually ended up carrying a tire over my head for one of the circuits. Can you imagine? It was as funny as you are imagining it. The bad part of it is, though, is that I got sick after.

It started innocently enough with major body pain due to the workout. And it just progressed into fever. And it took me out for four days. I got on Zithromax, and only today was I able to really get anything done. [This is also why I won’t be able to do my 40/40, so the numbering ends today too]

It was a good wake up call for me that I am indeed out of shape, but also to know my limits. It is one thing to be pushed beyond what you are currently capable of doing, but another to be pushed too far along when you aren’t ready yet. That’s applicable to everything in life.

There are people we want to push, we want to step up and take bigger roles. think out of the box, surprise us. And sometimes we push too hard – because in our minds we see them at step 10 – but they are really just getting from step 1 to 2. Nothing wrong with being on step 1 to 2, but it takes more guidance, mentoring and patience from us who see them at step 10. This instant society (instant gratification, always expecting a reply right away, getting hurt when “seen-zoned”) has no more patience.

Everybody wants everything now. And everyone expects everyone else to be experts at a snap of a finger. But, truth is, that doesn’t happen. Good things take time. And even better things take time, instruction and good examples.

Now, gaining my strength back, and going to hit the gym – not the instructor because for sure he can beat me with one eye closed and with his hand tied to his foot.

PS. Thank you to my baby Nurse for taking care of me the past few days 🙂

Photo on 3-18-15 at 10.33 AM #2

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