Simple Aida and Inquisitive Ankoi (20/40)

Friday was busy for us. We had two moving up days. Aida had a program for her moving up to Grade School, and Ankoi had one for him moving up to the next level. We are so proud of both of them! For Ankoi, all the students got an award, but it was interesting for him to get the Inquisitive Student Award. He really is very inquisitive and curious. Good to know he brings that with him to school.

10931399_10152686180216606_2679789317248814547_n 11029511_10152684740456606_8752462943957119536_n

Aida’s was a graduation because she moved up to a whole new department. She really is a very good student, and very responsible. Her graduation was scheduled at 8:30AM, but we had to go early to bring her sister, so she slept the night before at 7:00PM just to be able to wake up early and be alert. It was a pleasant surprise to see her get the Award for Simplicity. It really is Aida. She asks for LOVE as a Christmas present, or simple things like a hula hoop. She is happy with simple things, and doesn’t demand for much. We are so proud and blessed to be with you, Aida!

11050746_10152684094801606_9137066677701879961_n 11072711_10152684245666606_6386652464933500671_n

We must be doing something right, Des. 🙂

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