Yes, This Happened (17/40)


No, I didn’t injure myself… well, not yet anyway. I signed up for boxing classes! I went to my first session yesterday after work and was dying. Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. As I approach 40, it really is true that losing weight is harder than how it used to be. Before I could just limit what I eat, or walk around ALPADI, and I could shed off excess weight. Now, it doesn’t seem to happen anymore. The fat just…. hangs around. So it is time for more serious intervention.

I was picking between two popular boxing gyms, and I used the Facebook test to find out which one to go to. I send a message to their pages, and the one who replied got my interest. I visited the gym last Friday, a nice, small area with one-on-one instruction. And went there yesterday for my first session.

I am so out of shape.

There were so many times I just needed to stop and take a break, catch my breath, find an excuse. But the instructor wouldn’t listen to me. Which is a good thing. We need to be pushed past our limits to make any major changes. It was nice that they give a leg and shoulder stretch / massage after the session.

My body is sore, but happy. I actually don’t know if he was kidding, but the gym has an inter-gym boxing competition, and he wants to train me to join it eventually. Could this be the start of my boxing career? Will I lose my teeth? This must be my mid-life crisis.

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