5 Love Languages of Jesus (16/40)


Cocoi and I went to Lucban on Saturday for the CFC Singles for Family and Life’s World Singles Congress. I knew that the usual SLEX – Batangas – Laguna – Quezon way would take 4 or more hours. With the workshop I would give being at 10am, that would have me leave the house before the crack of dawn (ugh). So we decided to take the Rizal way. And what a great decision! We were there in 2 and a half hours from Antipolo to Batis Aramin in Lucban.

The route takes you from Antipolo – Teresa – Morong (I am skipping some towns here) – Pililia – Jalajala, then into Laguna with Mabitac – Pakil – Paete – Pagsanjan – Luisiana, and then you are in Lucban already after that. It is just really zig zag, so you should be alert and not prone to dizzy spells. I came back in the afternoon, and it wasn’t a fluke! I was home in just the same amount of time.

Anyway, I gave a workshop of Understanding the Love Language of Your Partner πŸ™‚ I jumped off from the 5 Love Languages (Affirmation, Gifts, Touch, Time, Service) and went into the 5 Love Languages of Jesus (Obedience, Service to the Poor, Inclusion, Proclaiming the Gospel, Sacrifice). I had a lot of couples attend both workshops I gave. It would have been more fun if Des made it, though her pregnancy woes stopped her from going. I hope the people there learned something from it, though if their questions and sharings were any indication, it meant they found it good and interesting.

Just remember, a relationship needs a lot of give and take, deciding to love everyday and sacrificing for the good of the one we love πŸ™‚

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