I Scream for Ice Cream! (12/40)


One weakness we all seem to share in the house is the weakness for ice cream. I am picky with my ice cream. I do not like buko, ube or any of those weird flavors. I go for the usual ones like chocolate, mocha, the solid colors. And not with bits and pieces in them. Boring, right? Does your ice cream taste speak about your personality? There should be a Facebook quiz for that.

The kids LOVE ice cream. All day, any day. But moreso now with cold mornings and evenings, but extremely hot daytime. What’s up with that, Mother Earth? We love the cool air when we sleep and wake up, but the intense heat during the day is a lot to handle. Good thing there is ice cream. But what will happen with that coming chocolate shortage? Will we be stuck with coconuts and bananas in our ice cream? Oh no.

Sometimes we need a blogging break of inanities to “eat some ice cream” during the seriousness of life.


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