Burgers and Brewskies (13/40)

IMG_4116 This picture wasn’t taken at Burgers and Brewskies, it was taken at Larcy’s in Estancia Mall

Des and I met up with good friends Cocoi and Gay at Burgers and Brewskies. We like trying out new places and seeing what they have to offer. I got the spicy burger (and I forgot what they called it, but it is the only spicy one on the list). The waiter said it wasn’t too spicy, but at first bite it was HOT. Either he didn’t know, or he has a very high tolerance for heat.

It was pretty good, except for the bread. I was not a fan of the toast of the bread. They toasted the insides, and the edges were burned. So it ended up tasting like a burned marshmallow.

Also, it would help if the waiters would know how to pair the beer and the sandwich. I asked for a recommendation on what beer would go best with that spicy sandwich, and he said the Stella Artois. But it was not a good pairing at all. A good one would be where the beer would soothe the heat a bit. I ended up drinking more water than the brewskie.

Other than that it was pretty good. Nice place to hang out – the restaurant and the mall – since there aren’t that many people yet. And parking is still free until this month, I believe.

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