9th International Symposium on Catholic Social Thought (9/40)


Last Friday, Cocoi and I gave a poster session on “Heightened and Sharpened Discipleship for Greater Social Justice” at the 9th International Symposium on Catholic Social Thought. It is an international conference held every few years, and it is the first time for it to be in Asia. It was held in both DLSU and the Ateneo in affiliation with more Universities from abroad (see here).

A lot of scholastics, Doctors, Deans and Catholics who think deeply were there. It was awesome just to be in their presence and listen to their studies and proposals. I won’t even think to put myself in their league, but it was an honor and privilege to be among them – and moreso to have a chance to interact and talk to them about No One In Need.

We did it differently, too. Instead of writing out everything on a poster and have them read, we engaged them and spoke to them about our advocacies and projects. Worked well, alongside our video and live testimonials from Tacloban. It’s the new evangelization, we have to do more 🙂

Hope to see all the engagements bear fruit!

IMG_4081Filipinos for Life, represent!

IMG_4089 With our living testimonies: Kobe and Elbert from Tacloban

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