Mercy and Compassion (8/40)


I just realized I didn’t blog at all about our Palawan adventure at Lagen Island in El Nido, Palawan. I’ll just post pictures at the end of this entry. The pictures speak of the beauty of the place. It was truly magical. Palawan is beautiful.

Now to the topic. I had a joint household with Des’ girls tonight and our topic was Mercy and Compassion. Pope Francis spoke about it all the time, and it was the whole theme of his visit to the Philippines. But those two words can remain ethereal and unreachable. What do they actually mean?

Better yet, what do they actually mean to us? How do we experience mercy and compassion TODAY? In our DAILY LIVES? The best way to understand something so deep is to reflect and see how it is done in your DAILY LIFE. Don’t keep it as an idea.

Good sharing all around. And mercy and compassion became real. Or it was already real, we just became more aware of it. 🙂

Now as promised, some pictures of Palawan. Where we see God’s mercy towards us by giving us something so beautiful even if we do not deserve it. And see His compassion by letting us experience this beauty, and know that there IS a God who created it all.

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