Maria the Headstrong (6/40)


Our kids have very distinct personalities. One is sensitively creative, another is driven and emotional, and the other is kind hearted and strong. Our youngest (at the moment) now has the most pronounced personality of all her siblings at her age. She is so headstrong! She knows what she wants, and she goes and gets it. No matter what. She won’t stop until everyone follows her. It’s mostly adorable, but sometimes annoying. Just like all of us – somewhat annoying, but hopefully more adorable.

Does it have to do with birth order? Or that she has 3 older siblings and has to make her own mark? Or she follows the lead of the others so develops faster? Or is just her God-given personality shining through? We all have our intricacies, and our ups and downs in terms of how we are like. We just need time to get to know ourselves more, and need patience and understanding from our family and friends to be there for us as we find out what there is to know… and how we are going to act on that knowledge.

At the end of the day, whatever we decide to become should help others, and not hinder. We need to be light to others and not snuff out life. We will guide you, headstrong Maria, and see how your wonderful you can help those who need help.

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