Do you make sense where you are? (4/40)

Photo on 2-22-15 at 2.47 PM

(I ate something over lunch yesterday that started to make me itch. Des told me to eat some chocolate to counteract the allergy. I sent her this picture)

At Mass yesterday, the Priest asked if we make sense where we are. That’s a very interesting question. He gave an example of a camel. A camel whose hoofs are wide so it won’t sink in the sand. Whose eyelashes are long so sand won’t get in it’s eyes. Whose humps carry water so it can survive in the desert. But do all those make sense if the camel is in the New York Zoo? No sense.

Do we make sense where we are? Are we made for the situation we are in now? There are three questions we can ask ourselves to find out:

1. Who are you?

2. Why did God make you?

3. What does He want you to do?

Are we like the camel, made for one place but stuck in another? Or are we using who we are and what we have for the purpose we were made for? Good things to reflect upon this Lent.

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