Lie Down and Listen to God (3/40)

Just a side note. Advil is awesome. My throat is still so painful, but one capsule of Advil and I am good to go for 5 or 6 hours. When it wears off, the pain is terrible, though getting better. Today was bearable, but I took an Advil to just numb it. Oh miracle of science.

Last night, before we put the kids to bed, they ended up in our room playing. It is such a joy seeing all 4 of them playing together. They took turns leading the games: Ankoi led them in jumping on the bed, Sabine led hide and seek, and when it got to Aida, she asked them to “lie down and listen to God.”

Perfect. Again, God is speaking to me through the most unexpected places. This Lent is a time to “get back into the groove” of prayer, service and focus. Thank you, Aida.


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