Rest When You Have To (2/40)

Yesterday I was sick. Good thing it came during the Chinese New Year and so it was a holiday. I spent all of the day at home resting. Drinking water, Berroca filled water, gargling Bactidol and drinking Advil. Even such a small thing as a throat infection can affect the whole body. I was down and out.

It was a good rest day, and a good reminder, to take a break now and then. We can work hard and push so many things, but at the end of the day we need to set all those aside and relax, play with the kids, spend time with the wife, pray. Because if we push to hard 24/7, then our bodies will eventually complain and just decide for us when it is time to rest.

My throat is still a bit sore, but after a day-long respite, it’s back to work. 🙂


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