Homily of Pope Francis at the Encounter with Families

Father and mother dream about the baby in the moms womb for 9 months about what the baby will be

If you lose the capacity to dream you lose the capacity to love

Ask yourselves did I dream about my sons and daughters? Did i dream about the love of my husband or wife? Parents ? Family?

So important to dream. And dream in the family. Don’t lose this ability to dream in this way.

Solutions to family problems if we take time to reflect. If we think of our husband or wife. And we dream about the good qualities that they have.

Don’t ever lose the illusion of when you were boyfriend and girlfriend. 


1. Rest in the Lord – essential for our spiritual health to hear Gods voice and understand what He wants for us. We are called to make a home for Jesus – in families, parishes. To make a home for Him you must rest in Him. If we do not pray we will not know the most important thing of all – God’s will for us! Learn how to love, forgive and be generous. Move beyond our own needs and share our lives with them.

2. Rising with Jesus and Mary – We must get up and act! Faith does not remove us from the world but draws us more deeply in the world. With force of prayer. Each of us has a special role. A place in the plan of God to take forward. Be careful of the ideological colonization trying to destroy the family. Let us now lose the freedom to take the mission forward that God has given us. Wise and fortitude to say no to colonization that will destroy the family! Ask intercession of St Joseph when to say yes and when to say no. Family is also being threatened by those who want to redefine it by those who lack the openness to life. Have the strength to defend the openness to life. Philippines needs holy and loving families. Protect your families! Nourish them through prayer and the grace of the sacraments. Proclaim the sacredness of all human life from conception to natural death. What a gift if every Christian family did this!

3. Being a prophetic voice in the midst of our community – Be a blessing for your family and for all humanity. Train children in faith and good values and teach them to be blessings to society. And so become a blessing to the world. God’s love becomes present and active by the love and good works that we do. Be especially mindful to be missionaries to go beyond our homes and take care of brethren who are especially in need. Especially those without families. Help them to know that God has not forgotten them. You have an abundance of gifts when you offer Christ and the gift of the Church.

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