Seeing Pope Francis, Making Up for Pope John Paul II


Cocoi picked up our IDs and tickets last night for the Meeting with Families of Pope Francis at MOA Arena. I am blessed and excited to attend this event. I don’t mind being at the top of Arena and getting nosebleed seats, as long as there’s a chance to be in the same area as Pope Francis and hear what he has to say about our families 🙂 And big families, which he speaks highly of all the time.

We are already planning how to get there, considering that roads will be closed, millions of people will be walking, and it will just be HOLY CHAOS. But hey, this happens once (or twice) in a lifetime. Let’s make the most of it.

When Pope John Paul II came in the 90s for the World Youth Day – where five million people came out to see him – I left and went to Bacolod. I didn’t participate, and instead celebrated there in a very… ummm… un-Pope visit kind of way.

I went to 3 World Youth Days after that (and after offering up my life to be a missionary – what a big change :-)) in Toronto, Rome and Madrid. Des and I also attended (and represented the Philippines) at the International Youth Forum in the Vatican, so I think I more than made up for that 1995 snub of the Pope.

But now, the Pope is coming back to Manila! I am sure there will be more than 5 million people. The roads are closed. Traffic everywhere. Lots of walking. But this time, I can definitely make up for 1995. So we will brave the crowds and the HOLY CHAOS and make our way to the Arena. Hope we make it as close to there as possible before we have to walk. Pray for us!

Excited for this! Thank you Pope Francis for the opportunity to see you and hear you speak.

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