During the TOB II course, Christopher West defined what SLOTH is – or he quoted someone with this definition whom I forget now. Sloth is actually this: The sadness we feel when we see the good is difficult.


We tend to think that sloth is laziness. Waking up in the morning and not moving for an hour. Or being slow and “yawn-y” after lunch. Or procrastinating all the time. Or just not doing what you are supposed to do, or what is expected of you. But it is so much deeper than that.

When you see what is good, and what you have to do to attain the good – or to be good. And you see it is not an easy road. Quite difficult, actually. To give up vices. To stop gossiping and listen to gossip. To end being vulgar, and even not so bad – stop being green in jokes and “hirits.” To choose to be kind, just, merciful when so many others are not.

And after seeing and realizing all that – what the right thing to do and be is – the sadness sets in because that is not what you want to do or be. That is sloth. And that is a deadly sin.

The good is difficult. It truly is. Takes a lot of hard work. Patience. And decisions everyday. Every single day. On most days it is easy, but on those special days – it can be extremely difficult and you second guess yourself with everything. Not because you don’t know what to do, but because the other way is so much easier.

I don’t want to be a sloth. Here’s to difficult choices in 2015. Difficult, yet right. 🙂

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