Just Love Your Wife.

When I introduced myself at the beginning of the course, I mentioned that Des and I are expecting our 5th child this year. And that I would need to get tips from all those others who have that many (or more) children – who are quite a lot in this course as well.

One of them approached me and said that I would really enjoy having 5 children – as she has that many kids too. I asked her what tips she could give me to handle this new reality in our life. She said: Just love your wife.


It is true. I made a commitment to Des when we got married to love her through everything. And this commitment and love must be shown in our relationship every. Single. Day. Our kids will see and feel it, and they will be secure and content in this love. Our home will feel it and be a home radiating with the love that is freely given and received. And all that we do will also feel the effects of this wonderful relationship of giving selfless love.

It is so simple, it makes perfect sense. But of course, it is not easy. Love is more than a feeling of giddiness or “kilig”. It really is a decision to love everyday. Through good and bad. Through wealth and poverty. Through sickness and health. Through everything. But that love will make everything easier, because it is a representation, a sign, a sacrament of how much Jesus loves the Church. And how much He is willing to choose to love all of us everyday as well.

What an awesome reminder. I love you, Des 😉



  1. Fabulous blog, I was at TOB2 with my husband. I saw the e-mail you sent to our class. Keep up the good work. And yes, loving your wife is the best thing you can do for your kids because it enables her to give more love to your kids.

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