On to Theology of the Body II!

I am now in Philadelphia, waiting in the airport for pick up to go to Black Rock retreat center to attend part 2 of the Theology of the Body immersion course with Christopher West. I attended part 1 5 years ago! It is such a blessing and great opportunity to be able to come back.

Last time I attended I had 2 kids, Now we are going on 5! 🙂 It’s such an amazing thing, when I stop and think about it, how God has truly blessed our family by trusting us with these 5 lives. Some people may get shocked at how many children we have, and it may get crazy sometimes, but there’s no feeling compared to the love we feel in our growing family. Big families rock! The openness to this life comes from living as a missionary, and having an outlook that is truly pro-life. There is no other choice but to choose life. 🙂

It took more than a day to fly to PA. I must be getting old when I can hardly stand traveling such a long distance. I just had to get out of my seat and walk around the plane a couple of time. From Detroit to Philly the flight was delayed. And before landing took an extra hour circling due to weather and other airport delays. Kind of paranoid with all the flight disasters lately, but again, trust in God’s plan. Knocked out once I checked in the hotel, and now waiting to walk to the meeting point for pick up.

My mom asked why I was going on this trip, now after five years. I always wanted to take the second part, but the opportunity really just presented itself now. And I do think more can still be done in promoting TOB in the Philippines, and I hope to be more active in that coming after this trip. Let’s see what happens 🙂 Everything does happen for a reason.

I miss my kids, and my beautiful wife. But, all is worth it. Off to the pick up point!


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