Into the Deep

Finally back in Black Rock! It took me five years to come back after TOB 1. Feels good. I will have to schedule Des to attend TOB 1 and 2 before we attend 3 together. Project TOB now in full force. It’s beautiful here, as always. Hopefully the snow doesn’t start falling tomorrow so I can walk around outside!

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We had our first session with Christopher West, and he really speaks with such wisdom and love. It’s riveting. Even if this first session was a refresher for TOB 1, it was full. And one thing I’d like to share with you is that we need Jesus and Mary to bring light and understanding to the darkest areas of our life. Those areas are like the deepest areas of the ocean where there is no light. Full of scary sea creatures. We need Jesus and Mary to go in there with us. And bring to our hearts the healing we need.

There is no pain so deep and dark that cannot be reached by the Cross of Christ. And guess what, that Cross goes even deeper to heal.

The Feast of Epiphany is a good message to us all as well. The three wise men looked at creation to look for the Creator. They had this restlessness that made them search and look. We too need to look beyond what we see, reach farther than what we can touch, and stretch ourselves to more than what we feel in order to find Christ. Because He will truly give us everything we are looking for. The wise men knew that. Herod didn’t – Herod thought that Christ would take away everything. Do not be like Herod and think that Christ will take away your happiness. Be like the wise men and rejoice in the fact that what you are searching for… will be found. Just look in the right place – the manger. Where Jesus is waiting for you.


Here are the blogs I wrote when I attended the first TOB. Great refresher for me, and awesome to re-live how much it touched and changed my life. Please click on them and give them a quick read 😉

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Tell Your Children that You CHOSE Them (I only had 2 at the time of TOB 1, now expecting our 5th!).

In the Beginning it was Not so.

There is no other day, all days are present now.

Of Honey and Honey Buns.

A Prayer for my Kids.

Real Beauty in the Eyes of a 3 year old.

Will I Carry Her?

Blah, blah, blah.


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