Closing of the Year of the Laity 2014

Choose to be BRAVE! We were called to be brave this year of the Laity. We did become brave in our service and work with the Church, especially in bringing the Gospel to the lapsed, unChurched, youth, poor and so many others. It was a hectic and learning-filled year for all of us.

I was able to attend the closing of the year of the Laity, as the next theme is on the year of the Poor. The new year starts with Advent this Sunday. During the ceremony at the Church of the Presentation of the Child Jesus in Sucat, I was able to be part of the panel that shared the different efforts we undertook this year.

Along with me (I spoke about the Live Christ, Share Christ Movement) were Francesca of Troubled Friends Movement, Cocoi Javier of No One In Need Movement, Lee-An Rosal for Educational Foundation, Inc., Joseph Tesoro of the Live Pure Movement and Gina of the Wounded Family, Wounded Healer Movement.


Two things were striking. One, we are all young. This is seeing the Church tapping into idealism and passion. We say that with God nothing is impossible, so why limit ourselves and our work with limitations and problems? We can do so much if we dream high and work hard.

Next, we are Movements. Movements do not require membership. So the offerings are free and out of love. We are so used to presenting programs that ask people to join at the end of it – this time we offer talks, experiences, seminars, teachings, and more – so that we can all learn more about our faith, heal, and experience the Gospel in our everyday lives. That is a new wind in the Church, a new way of doing – the new evangelization.10420093_808809249160781_8129681353014013437_nIt was such a surprise, too, to see that at the end of the morning, my lolo Ambrosio Padilla was honored as a Modern Filipino Hero. I love lolo, the values he instilled in all of us and the legacy he left all of us. Here is what they said about him:

AMBROSIO BIBBY PADILLA was born in Lingayen, Pangasinan on December 7, 1910, the eighth of 11 children to Dr. Nicanor Padilla and Ysabel Bibby. On May 4, 1941, he married the beautiful Lourdes “Lily” de las Alas, the eldest daughter of Don Antonio de las Alas who served as Secretary of Finance under President Manuel L. Quezon. They were blessed with 10 children: 6 boys and 4 girls. 

Together with his ever-loving wife Lily, they nurtured a closely knit family founded on love, unity, respect and devotion to each other.  Senator Ambrosio B. Padilla led and served a life of devotion to God and country, exuding the best in the Filipino. Truly, his life was worth emulating.

Thank you for your example, lolo. I am confident that dad is continuing that legacy. And hopefully I will be able to do so as well. We all continue to choose to be brave!

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