CFC FFL 2014 Year End Re-Treat

67351_1004108969604168_6632686547803761459_n The Francises of the Re-Treat

We just finished the annual end of the year retreat for CFC FFL at Canossa in Tagaytay. Des wasn’t able to accompany me this year as this pregnancy makes her tired most of the time. The baby is growing 🙂 I went up with Cocoi and Joseph after the closing ceremonies of the Year of the Laity in Sucat (another post).

This year we reflected with Fr. Francis Gustilo, sdb, our CFC FFL Spiritual Director, on the different icons. It was a great time of reflection and fellowship, strengthening bonds of friendship and brotherhood. It is always good to be refreshed and inspired for the coming year.

The new year starts with Advent this Sunday, so it was very timely for all of us. Advanced happy new year! It is time to really live Christ everyday!

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