Have Faith

I was a bit early for my meeting in Makati – traffic is so unpredictable – I ended up at St. John Bosco parish to spend some time. There was First Confession going on, and at the same time they were showing cartoons of Bible stories.

It is refreshing to remember why we are here. To be holy, to have faith in God who cares for us, and to live out a Christian life. And if we fail to do that, we can reset through confession and good works.

It has been a hectic two days dealing with a certain issue that hurts my heart. It would be easy to just face off, hurl accusations and hurts, and end up angry and worse off. But will that make us holier? Will it show we have faith in God who wants the best for us? Will that be an example of a Christian life?

Sometimes we have to lose in order to save ourselves. And hope and pray that God is working to make things right – faith is sometimes hard to grasp, but we know and believe that things are happening beyond our sight.


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