1 2 3 4 … High 5!

As I was reading past posts before writing this one, one struck me. From when I attended the Theology of the Body Immersion Course in Philadelphia in 2010:

Tell your children that you chose them.


They may not understand it now, but they will eventually.

And it will make a difference.

Having four kids can be chaotic at times. And sometimes you are just so tired from all the running around that you forget to tell them you love them. Or hug them. Or tell them you chose them. This definitely reminded me. There are more important things that iPads and going on trips and buying whatever you like – the more important thing is to love your kids and make them FEEL and KNOW that love everyday. They need to feel it in their hearts, understand with their minds, hear it in their ears, even touch your love with their hands.

It will be even more chaotic when the fifth comes along sometime June 2015. 🙂

10407895_10152417828406606_8251557657169785203_nCongratulations to us! God has a funny way of spacing our children. Every two years, like clockwork. When this bundle of joy is born, his (or her) siblings will be 8, 6, 4 and 2. How wonderful is that?

I was initially going to blog about how others may perceive having a big family irresponsible or embarrassing, but then again, that’s not what I should focus on. Because we are not irresponsible, and we are definitely not embarrassed. We are that big family running in the mall, talking and laughing loudly in the fast food restaurant, jumping and playing in the play areas, taking up that whole row in the movie theater. And I will always make sure that my 5 kids KNOW and FEEL that we love them everyday.

What a wonderful blessing for us. Please continue to pray for Des and our family. God will definitely provide. He will not give us anything we cannot handle, but of course we have to do our part and work doubly hard. Help us with your prayers and kind thoughts. If you want, come and let’s have a playdate! Or maybe just a double date sometimes ;-).

Another blog of mine came up while I was browsing, and I’d like to repost it here too.

I sat, knelt, stood before the Blessed Sacrament today. And I could hear Jesus telling me:

“Look at me. Do not be ashamed nor afraid. Look at me. Gaze upon me. Nothing else matters.”

And I feel so blessed. That at 35 (39, now), I can experience this. And have so much joy in my heart.

So much fullness in my imperfect yet yearning life.

All I can do is pray.

I pray that my kids know who Jesus is earlier than I ever did.

I pray that they decide to love Him and follow Him earlier than I did.

I pray that they feel His burning desire for their happiness, and acknowledge Him in their lives earlier than I did.

I pray for courage to believe and act out their belief. More courage than I ever had.

I pray for them to shout to the mountaintops how much they love the Lord. Louder than I ever could shout.

I pray that they love themselves because God created them perfect. And through that love, love others. More than I ever could.

I pray that they be happy. And content. And filled. Just as we are happy. And content. And filled.

And I pray that they pray. And that when they think they cannot pray anymore, or when they think they have reached their limit – then pray even more.

With all their heart and soul.


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