The Fault in Our Stars

I am now in Amsterdam waiting for my flight to Koln / Cologne to get to Gummersbach for the seminar I am attending. The seminar is being hosted by FnF, one of the partners of YesPinoy. I am blessed to have been chosen to go. As much as I love the idea of traveling, I keep forgetting how hard it is to actually travel long distances. I am so tired. Getting old, Xavy.

I had a delicious breakfast in Schipol airport of a sandwich and a latte. This is how it is going to be for the next few days. No rice, all bread.10417727_10152400252916606_2743111582190723616_n

From Manila I went to the wrong airport. I went to NAIA 1 (one of the world’s worst airports) only to be told that KLM moved to NAIA 3 just last month. Of course the traffic outside NAIA 1 is HORRIBLE due to the ongoing construction of flyovers, but I made it to NAIA 3 with time to spare. The OC in me really made it a point to leave early.

KLM used to fly directly to Amsterdam from Manila, but now there is a stopover in Taiwan. What I like about these airports (except Manila, of course) is that WiFi is free and fast. So keeping in touch is so much more easier with Viber and all these other chat apps.10557440_10152399024936606_1019062808241045592_n

On the way from Taipei to Amsterdam I made the HUGE MISTAKE of watching The Fault in Our Stars in the plane. Oh gosh. It was like the whole plane was peeling onions everywhere. What a cry-ola movie. My seat mates must have thought me so weird… though the one beside me had the sniffles too while watching How to Train Your Dragon 2. These movies you either watch alone, or on a plane. Imagine the reaction if we wailed in a movie theater.

But is there really a fault in our stars? Is there a mistake in our evolution? Is that what we can use to explain the mistakes we see within us? Maybe not cancer, but obesity? Apathy? Fear? Or any other trait we do not see as normal or “the way it should be?” I don’t think so. There is no fault in our stars. Life is what we make of it. We can keep staring at the stars and wishing we had it some other way, instead of living the life we have to the fullest – no matter what the circumstances we find ourselves facing. We look to the stars for inspiration, but we live our lives with joyful anticipation.

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