FLiQ Media in 2014

There are many things that I am proud of in terms of work. But if there’s one thing that stands out as new, exciting and groundbreaking, that would be FLiQ Media. I am not full-time for FLiQ anymore but I stick my nose in everything they do – some habits die hard. FLiQ started in December 2010 through a series of meetings to set up a department within CFC FFL dedicated to quad media (radio, TV, print and the internet). And things just boomed from there. We just started with 4 people: me, Gay, Chinka and Tinay (with Jepoy doing all our websites – until now). Gay is the Executive Director of FLiQ now, Tinay is behind the success of Modern Day Prophets, The Review and many creative endeavors of FLiQ. I am now with YesPinoy and Chinka is now with CFC FFL Pro-Life Ministry and LCSC Live Life Pillar, Chinka was the host of Heart of the Matter. 251534_216110751768001_1170798_n The team grew with the addition of Marie and we expended the work too. Marie, now with Unilab, led Family and Life Update – both the show and the website (which has been a finalist at the Catholic Mass Media Awards, and even won a special citation last year). 424943_332475890131486_182073270_n We grew again with Vanie and Lee-An. Vanie, now with CFC Kids for Family and Life, handled High Time – both on radio and on the internet. Lee-An, now with Poveda, handled our monthly newsletter Sound the Trumpets, which was also a finalist at the CMMA. 12109_471264909585916_501897398_n Khyme joined us and helped us with marketing and internal communications as the work grew bigger and bigger. Khyme is now with Assumption Antipolo. 72523_485827044796369_469010396_n Here we all are at our first CMMA night as a finalist. We also became finalists at the 35th CMMA and this coming 36th CMMA. We got a special citation, but haven’t won… yet. Third time’s the charm? 225869_441084892603918_604180589_n Joey joined us for external marketing as we embarked on getting sponsors and ads for our shows and other projects. It worked well enough that Joey is now with the Signs and Wonders CFC FFL Shoppe doing that and more.   486651_629492687096470_2037124386_n The team grew again with Tim joining and providing even more advances in design, software use and creativity. He’s the current guru of design.945996_613984721980600_382406665_n FLiQ was even able to get interns for the work. When the workload gets huge, you need more help. Thank you for volunteering, Vera, Clarence and all the Assumption students!1185141_600327590012980_385696536_nThe current roster includes Gay and Tinay who have been there from the start, Tim, and our new additions Bonn, Karl, Nikko and Ayana. These guys bring so much creativity, hard work and skills to the team, the output is amazing! 🙂 10394026_751123944933343_7255718604841941619_n Of course Cocoi and myself will always be around to stick our noses in FLiQ work. Almost 4 years of bringing New Evangelization to New Media and we haven’t even scratched the surface. More work, more opportunities and even more fun to come. Join us in bringing the Gospel to the wonderful, unpredictable, and sometimes stressful yet rewarding world of media.10710854_776632545715816_1031180364365097540_n


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