The Homeschool Option


A few days ago I attended the Homeschooling Conference set up by Manila Workshops. I learned about it during a meeting we (YesPinoy) had with The Steps Project. One of the Steps people – Ginger – was one of the organizers. I have always been curious about homeschooling. When we had our first child we went to a seminar on homeschooling, and even visited a homeschooling mom of 5 kids in Manila. Some of our friends (like Tina!) are homeschooling.

But for one reason or another, it never got off the ground. I suppose because it would need one of us to focus on it, and during that time (until recently) both of us have been working. Now, with 4 kids and Des taking care of the home, it is again an option. The usual concerns are always there… how do we know we will be teaching the right thing? What if we decide to stop in the middle of the year? Technical stuff. The social aspect and activities aren’t a problem because we are part of CFC FFL, so the kids always have so many activities.

The Conference helped especially seeing so many families already doing it. But I have always wanted to listen to parents who have tried it and decided not to pursue. What are their reasons? It would help me understand that world a little better. We are getting more and more open to the idea of it. A couple more seminars won’t hurt.

But spending everyday with these kids , and being active in teaching them about life, would be such a blessing.



  1. Hello! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the conference. I am Michelle Padrelanan, the event Director of Manila Workshops for the conference and a homeschooler for the last 12 years. Some people have decided to stop homeschooling because they think that teaching multiple kids is too hard. Some stop maybe because they believe that homeschooling is not for them. You see, it takes commitment and determination to homeschool. It’s a lifestyle and not a separate capsule of your life. When you do decide to do it, your wife and kids will need your support most of all, because you’ll be faced with a lot of naysayers. We are planning more workshops that will focus on one topic of homeschooling. Hope you can attend again.

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