Saying Good Things

The past week at my households was fun. At the home of the Natoreses for our upper household we did one of the topics of CFC FFL for 2014. Basically you write your name on a piece of paper, pass it around and everyone writes something nice about you. Then talk about how you fee after.

I also did it for my lower household when we had it at the Aguila home. Both times were very refreshing, albeit a bit uncomfortable.

In CFC FFL, when it is your birthday, you get honored by your household. You kind of expect it every time your birthday rolls around, and sometimes even dread it. I mean, how weird is it for people to be obligated to say nice things about you? Even if it is once a year. Is that a Pinoy thing? Not being able to take compliments? Or is it an insecurity thing – not being able to take compliments?

It was definitely refreshing though when it was done again (shortened version of an honoring). Seeing how people see you. I got a bit pressured with some, but if that’s how they see me, then it is a challenge for me to keep being anchored on Who make me that way. You know Who. 🙂

At the end of the day, it is also a reminder to say nice things to people. Compliment them. It doesn’t hurt, and it gives people a boost. Even when they don’t think they need one. We focus so much on the negative – traffic, flooding, falling trains – that we should make more of an effort to say nice things.

Thanks, households. I didn’t know at the time, but I needed this. I am sure many other people out there need it too.

Photo on 8-23-14 at 5.47 PM #2 Photo on 8-23-14 at 5.47 PM

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