Spending the morning with the kids from Smile Train :-)

I love working for a foundation that really helps the people who need help the most. I think I have been lucky in life to be employed in such groups. And YesPinoy is no different. We spent some time organizing the anniversary celebration itself, but more than an event, we wanted there to be something that will really speak to us about why we do what we do. We do all these to help our fellow Pinoys.

Kimmy, the country manager of Smile Train, has been a great friend for decades. She is one of the best friends of my cousin Ria. Ria passed away early in life because of an accident. I think this would be a good remembrance in her name that the friendship that started because of her is bearing fruit πŸ™‚

I brought Des, Sabine and Aida with me. And Tinay of FLiQ Media. Doc Therese of PCMC came also – she is one of YesPinoy’s great supporters. Even with no announcement that Dingdong and Marian were going, I suppose the news still spread. The whole hospital was out in the hallways when they arrived. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the amount of screaming and flashing lights that come with fame (ha ha feeling ako!).

That can get a bit disconcerting, but when we got to the room with all the kids celebrating, it melted the heart. The flashing lights and crowded hallways transformed into teary eyes and bright smiles. All definitely worth it. These kids have a chance at a “normal” life – free from stares and snickers – and all they have to do is show up for the surgery. Everything is free! I am so glad that YesPinoy and Smile Train were able to do this together.

A very good pre-anniversary celebration πŸ™‚

The official post about it here. Info about Smile Train here.IMG_0536

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