Sweaty and Hot in Balasan

It was a fun-and-work-filled 2 days in Iloilo last week for the YesPinoy team. We flew to Roxas on Thursday at 10am. Flight wasn’t delayed. And I saw beside Army Navy that Jamba Juice and Krispy Kreme are opening! Terminal 3 lower gates is the place to be! πŸ™‚


Got to Roxas by 11am, and it was HOT. Coming from rainy Manila, it was a surprise. Remember when the weather report only said one type of weather forecast for the whole Philippines? Either it was like that before, or they never bothered to check places outside Manila. We arrived in Balasan by 12 and we were greeted by lechon, crabs, shrimps and The Steps Project team.



We immediately went on our way after lunch to different places to start distributing slippers. The Steps Project advocates healthy living for everyone. As simple as taking 10,000 steps a day. It may sound daunting, but can be done if you just get off your couch. Their partners and donors raised 6,000 pairs of slippers, which we had the privilege of finding donees for – Balasan and Estancia. Read more about them here.

First stop was Camambugan Elementary School. More than 300 students got their slippers πŸ™‚ It’s just so heartwarming to see them happy with a pair of slippers. When you look at what they had, you see mis-matched pairs, worn out pairs, sizes too big or too small. Something as basic as slippers will go a long way in making their lives easier – and more comfortable walking to and from school.

IMG_5054We went to two Barangays as well. Barangay Zaragoza and Batuan. Zaragoza was up a mountain and beside a lake. BEAUTIFUL. When the kids saw us coming, they ran from the bottom of the mountain to where we were – lakeside. So much joy!




We ended the day tired, fulfilled, sweaty, dusty, happy. How else should you end a busy day? On Friday, the first event was in Balasan Central School. 1,500 kids in the school and all getting slippers. The Steps Project was there, of course. Rotary Mandaluyong Uptown was there. The Mayor and Vice Governor were there too. And of course, us with Dingdong.

IMG_5069 IMG_5070 IMG_5071 IMG_5075It was super hot and I got sticky with sweat from being at the event (and getting mad at police who were supposed to be keeping the peace, but instead were taking pictures!!! GRR), but at the end of the day what matters is that the kids got slippers and we all got to help. Here’s to more opportunities to help in the area!

After Balasan we went to Estancia!


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