One Chair, One Child


It is sad to hear all those stories about PDAF and DAP, and when you go around to the grassroots, you see that there is still so much to be done. Government money should not go to the politicians pet projects and pockets. It is immoral and sinful. It is easy to rant and scream, and I do that, but it is also good to do something about the issues we see.

This is easy, and will go a long way. P750 for one chair. We are fundraising to reach 3,000 chairs. One for each child. I went here a few weeks ago and saw the dismal state of their chairs. No backrests. No writing table. Some with nails sticking out. How can you study when you have to share a chair, and have nothing to write on? How can you concentrate if when you make the wrong move, you sit on a nail?

Something as simple as a chair can help move them forward with their education. Then we scream and shout to get more focus on teacher training and the like. One chair, one child. Help us.

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