YesPinoy in Balasan and Estancia, Iloilo

YesPinoy has continuing efforts in helping Estancia Central School in Iloilo. I went last week to check on our projects there. I took the 10:00am Cebu Pacific flight to Roxas City, Capiz which is nearer to Estancia than if I was to fly in via Iloilo City. There is only one flight though. Got to Roxas City at 11am and was picked up by tito Fulton and tita Juaning.

We went straight to Estancia and I met up with Principal Gerry Tingson. Behind us is the ongoing school building construction project we have in cooperation with PBSP.

We are also providing 3,000 school chairs for the school, which we are doing in cooperation with Lifeline Foundation. I am excited for this especially, because a lot of the current chairs have been there for decades and have never been replaced. Some even from the late 70s. How can you study if you can hardly sit or write on your chair? Just a simple thing like that will make a load of difference.

From there we went to the town of Balasan (where my grandparents lived before) and met with Mayor Filomeno Ganzon. Our partner The Steps Project and us will be distributing 6,000 pairs of slippers to the residents of Balasan. It really does feel good to help those areas hit by Yolanda yet not on the media radar.

It was also a good time to spend with family that I haven’t seen in a while. Tito Fulton, tita Juaning and Angelo took me out to dinner in Estancia. Lolo Cho and Lola Aida lived in Balasan and until now the house is there. All 14 children stayed there in one big room! I love visiting there and just imagining them all šŸ™‚10494610_10152155043101606_8263229252997612800_n 10530805_10152156108226606_4349666021351098411_nIt was a good visit. I don’t remember this tree being so huge up in front of the house, but maybe because the last time I was here was decades ago. We will see you again soon, Iloilo! šŸ™‚


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