Dagupan with Fr. Soc part 2.



We again made the trek to Dagupan (the first time we went we got lost. Now, it seemed faster. Or maybe because we were talking about something that riled us up so time flew really fast) to meet Fr. Soc. He helped us when we put up the New Evangelization Conference and Catholic Expo – the reason we went to Dagupan the first time – and now he is helping again with the next big project.

I won’t give away the project, but it is big, for the young and will be … epic. 😉 I won’t be as active in it as the NEC though, as we have a lot of things lined up for YesPinoy as well, but whatever support I can give, of course will be there.

This picture above is with Karl and Nikko, the new FLiQ Media volunteers. Those guys are amazing. Just check out what we’ve been releasing lately. Good job guys.

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